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Becoming a client with I-Secure is becoming a partner and adviser in your business. We strive to excel and surpass the typical industry boundaries and aim all our efforts into supporting you and protecting your assets when you are and aren’t there. We are the invisible force that is very rarely given the true exposure it deserves but nevertheless saves bottom line profits, improves efficiencies and allows you more freedom!

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Our Services

CCTVCCTV-Closed Circuit Television CCTV – Used primarily for the viewing, recording and backup of footage for reactive and sometimes proactive scenarios. Used in Commercial, retail and residential v processes.
EAS EAS-Electronic Article Surveillance EAS – Posts installed at the front entrance, alarm when products/merchandise is taken without a purchase taking place… thus a proactive means of deterrence and immediate protection of stock
Access Control, Access Control Systems Access Control & Time and Attendance Access Control and T&A – Used to prevent/allow entry and exit from region to region, also the registering in and out of staff so as to merge with payroll and calculate hours worked and employee attendance
Access Control Maintenance & Servicing Maintenance & Servicing– The single most important function involved in the upkeep and repair of your critical equipment so as to maintain the asset protection of your business.