EAS systems and metalspy

EAS systems and metalspy



Eas-Electronic Article Surveillance

EAS has evolved over the years and has its roots in the EM (Electro magnetic) range of products, the system generally comprised of Posts (units located at the door, that trigger an alarm if something is taken) a deactivator or re-activator and labels.

The first sites were Libraries, the thin label had advantages, was flat, very discreet, but the downside is it didn’t work on metal/liquid, and the posts were 750mm apart, not an ideal width for a retailer.

As time goes by we evolved to RF (Radio Frequency) this allowed us a distance of 1.2m between pillars on labels and 1.4m for tags.
The tag was usually in the shape of a UFO / Flying saucer, the tag performed at a success rate of approximately 70 percent and the label 60 percent, the label wouldn’t work yet again on metal or liquid, label looked like a paper label with a circuit built behind it and generally came as a 4x4 in dimension, and the rf tag could be easily made ineffective by merely putting it under your arm, as the body consists of a large portion of water it kills the signal. Generally used in some pharmacies and clothing stores.

Then there was light at the end of the tunnel...AM (Accousto Magnetic) this system allowed better performance, better reliability and fewer false alarms. The posts could be installed at 1.6m and the hard tags have a strike rate well over 90 percent! The labels are of a plastic square design with a dummy barcode on them. This then has two resonators inside the capsule which trigger the system. And could work with liquids, and some metal alloys. So we finally were getting closer to a much better system.

Finally we are at present and there have been major changes, in the AM and RF ranges of systems we now have systems that are digital instead of analogue, more tag options, with speciality tags that alarm if fiddled with, sunglass tags, cd/dvd tags etc. Other add-on’s came in with foot counters built inside the units, with optional dial in, the ability to warn you if someone is trying to jam the systems signal, and last but not least the metal spy, helping you identify suspect individuals who may be entering the store with foil lined bags!