EAS Speciality Tags

EAS-Electronic Article Surveillance

  • EAS has evolved over the years and has its roots in the EM (Electro-magnetic) range of products, the system generally comprised of Posts (units located at the door that trigger and alarm is something is taken) a deactivator or re-activator and labels.
  • The first sites were Libraries, the thin label had advantages, was flat, very discreet, but the downside is it didn’t work on metal/liquid, and the posts were 750mm apart, not an ideal width for a retailer.

EAS Systems & Metalspy

Specialty tags:

  • Ipod/Garmin/Cell phone etc protection
  • Baby formula protection
  • Pen protection
  • Laptop/dvd player protection
  • Protection of clothing etc with self alarming tags
  • Bottles-alcohol Protection
  • General electronic merchandise protection
  • CD/DVD/Perfumes/gaming protection
  • Gaming/other large sealed boxed electronic high risk items