Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) is widely used in America, Britain and Europe, South Africa is starting to understand the dynamic use and need of CCTV as each day passes. CCTV gives one the ability of having footage which can be reviewed and used for evidentiary purposes, most common situations are productivity reviews, merchandising, credit card fraud, stock theft and liability protection.

The added dynamics of dial in function gives the avid businessman the use of mobility and function on the run while keeping a close eye on the core of the business.

Recorders come in two dominant formats these days, pc based and embedded. Pc based uses a capture card and graphics card and record onto a pc system that has a windows platform. An Embedded system generally doesn’t have a windows based OS (Operating System) the general basis is a chip based Linux OS.

Thus gives greater reliability and no mess no fuss use…however the ease of GUI (Graphic User Interface) with pc based does give easy functionality for non-literate operators.